Who are 'The Millers'?

In December of 2007 a flash flood in Vernonia, Oregon left many families houseless. 14 year old Kathryn Stevens was among those left without a home. For almost two years Kathryn was provided shelter, support, and guidance by the Millers: Souvanny, Jackson, Betsy and Aaron Miller. The Millers took Kathryn in, encouraged her to continue her high school education, get a job and apply to college. Their kindness helped her succeed as a student then and as an advocate now.  The Millers Scholarship Foundation (TMSF) was founded by Kathryn in October 2015 as a pay it forward thank you to the Millers Family. TMSF aims to provide the same support and guidance that helped a houseless adolescent succeed despite all odds.  

What is 'TMSF'?

The Millers Scholarship Foundation helps those experiencing houselessness receive the same education, career opportunities, encouragement, support and care as their housed peers. We aim to facilitate acceptance of the houseless community into the rest of society by breaking down barriers between the housed and houseless



TMSF provides scholarship the currently or previously houseless. These funds can be used towards a four year university, community college, job skill training program, or well developed entrepreneurial ventures. 


All recipients of TMSF scholarships will be assigned a mentor. Mentors with TMSF have either experienced houselessness in the past and/ or have extensive experience in the career field a scholars wishes to enter


All events through TMSF are done with the goal of uniting the housed and houseless. We wish to facilitate dialogue between these two populations in efforts to change perspectives about the houseless population

Kathryn Stevens Executive Director

Kathryn Stevens

Executive Director

Samina Ahmed Secretary of Board

Samina Ahmed

Secretary of Board

Tyler Cowdry Board of Directors

Tyler Cowdry

Board of Directors

Philippe Boutros Board of Directors, Chair

Philippe Boutros

Board of Directors, Chair

Tyler Honsinger Treasurer of the Board

Tyler Honsinger

Treasurer of the Board